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Interpretation & Translation

The Migrant Worker Community Program provides interpretation and translation support services to migrant workers.

The Services are Free


We can help you with dental appointments, medical appointments, vision appointments, physiotherapists, Canada service, Ontario service, and walk-in clinics.

If you have already booked the doctor or dental appointment, please let us know two days in advance. Also, if you are somewhere where we cannot go with you in person, you can call us, and we will help you with translation and interpretation support over the phone.

For example

There is a migrant worker who needs to see a dental doctor because of a tooth sore or a dental problem; that person does not need to wait to go to the country to see the dental doctor.


We can help book an appointment and go with this person to provide interpretation and translation support at any time.

Also, if you have a doctor's appointment at the hospital or would like guidance on where to call or go, we can help you.

Our service can also help you translate any document that does not need a certificate translation.

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