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November - December 2023

The November and December newsletter highlights our holiday activities with the migrant community. Focused on preserving our Christmas customs, we celebrated our traditions together in a spirit of festive unity.


Explore how we shared special moments and strengthened our bonds during these meaningful celebrations.


Christmas Celebration


MWCP | Migrant Worker Community Program organized a Christmas event that brought the migrant community together, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere filled with music, raffles, and cultural diversity.


The event underscored the importance of solidarity and community connection, leaving cherished memories for all participants.


Christmas Parade


MWCP brought holiday cheer to the Leamington Christmas Parade! Our team was thrilled to be part of the festivities, spreading joy with our float and sharing the experience with the local community.


At MWCP, our goal is to add vibrancy to celebrations, fostering community and togetherness, especially during the holiday season.


We're excited to announce that our spirited participation earned us second place in the "Best Spirit" category, highlighting our commitment to making the holiday celebration special.

Christmas Lights Bus tour


Our bus tour to witness the start of Christmas in Windsor, Ontario was a delightful experience, as we actively engaged in one of our cherished holiday traditions.


Taking part in the beginning of the Christmas festivities, we celebrated the season together, creating lasting memories and embracing the joyous spirit of the holidays

English Conversational Club

Our conversation course provides a welcoming space for migrants to join us every Sunday, engaging in informal English chats.


This relaxed setting offers an opportunity to practice English, enhance vocabulary, and foster language improvement.



Movie Fridays for a weekly cinematic escape!

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