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September - October 2023


Festival of Guest Nation


One of the highlights of our September and October activities was the " Guest Nation Festival." This lively and colourful event brought together a multitude of migrant workers and their families, as well as several partner organizations, for a day of celebration, cultural exchange, and unity.


Migrants from various corners of the world, each with their unique stories and backgrounds, came together to share their cultures, traditions, and experiences.

Caribean Health Information


The Caribbean Health Fair was a great success! During this event, we provided valuable information available to the Caribbean community.

It was a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and access essential resources.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this memorable day.

Movie Night


Looking back at our weekly movie event, we had a fantastic time! Each week, we brought a different movie to enjoy, from classics to the latest hits.

Empowering Migrant Workers Through English Education

Over the past two months, we have continued our mission of providing English classes to our migrant workers, both in person and online.


We remain dedicated to this effort and we are immensely proud of the progress our students have made during this time, and we're excited to continue our mission of equipping them with valuable language skills that open doors to better opportunities.


Thanksgiving Welcome Center


Our recent Thanksgiving celebration was a heartwarming gathering that brought our community together. 

The event featured a delicious Thanksgiving meal, allowed for cultural exchange, and provided an opportunity for migrant workers to come together, creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

It was a memorable day filled with unity and gratitude.


Welcome Center


Step into the lively memories of our recent Welcome Center event! it went beyond typical health talks, exploring vital subjects like preventing prostate cancer.

Our center transformed into a dynamic space where health insights seamlessly merged with music. It's a testament to our commitment to a community embracing overall well-being.

Thank you for joining us, College Boreal and TeamWork. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and we are grateful for your contribution to our commitment to the migrant population.


Meet Our Newest Team Member


Hello, everyone! I am Anita Vallejo, the new Program Coordinator at MWCP | Migrant Worker Community Program. I believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork to make a positive impact.

As coordinator, I'm here to foster inclusivity and welcome discussions, suggestions, and collaborations.

I appreciate the warm welcome and look forward to building connections and contributing to the MWCP.

Feel free to reach out via email at: or by phone at (519) 999 - 6277

Anita Vallejo

Program Coordinator


Saying Goodbye to a Good Friend

Dear Alejandro Noriega

We want to say thank you for your great work, leadership and dedication to helping our community.

This is not a goodbye, but a "see you soon." We believe you will continue to do great things in the future, and we can't wait to hear about your future successes.

We appreciate the time you've spent with us and are sure your impact will last.

Best of luck in your future personal and professional journey, Alejandro!

We're excited to see what the future has in store for you.

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