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Noviembre - Diciembre 2023


Celebración de Navidad

Reflecting on the success of our International Women's Day Celebration!


MWCP | El Programa Comunitario para el Trabajador Migrante organizó un evento navideño que reunió a la comunidad migrante, creando un ambiente animado y acogedor lleno de música, rifas y diversidad cultural.


El evento subrayó la importancia de la solidaridad y la conexión comunitaria, dejando recuerdos preciados para todos los participantes.


The MWCP's International Women's Day celebration featured delicious food, lively music, exciting raffles, and fantastic prizes, creating a joyful atmosphere of celebration and camaraderie among attendees.

Desfile de Navidad

Welcome Spring Celebration!!

Welcome Spring Celebration, hosted by MWCP, was a joyous event commemorating the arrival of spring!


It served as a vibrant gathering to embrace the renewal and vitality that the season brings


The event provided a heartwarming opportunity for the community to come together and revel in the beauty and promise of this transformative season.

Recorrido luces navideñas en autobús


Our recent Health Fair was a resounding success, providing vital services to support community wellness

Attendees benefited from free mental health support, blood pressure checks, glucose testing, vaccinations, dental evaluations, and more.


The event also included complimentary food and exciting raffles, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of health and happiness. We're thrilled to have cultivated a culture of well-being


At our health fair, we are honored to host influential figures who advocate for the well-being of our migrant worker community.

smile wagon


In collaboration with MWCP and the Windsor Essex Community Health Centre, the High-priority Community (HPC) partnered with Smile Wagon to offer complimentary dental assessments and cleanings to migrant workers. Special thanks to Nature Fresh for repeatedly hosting Smile Wagon, and facilitating access to free dental services for migrant workers. Smile Wagon visited various farms and the MWCP office parking lot to ensure continued dental care provision. Following dental services, workers received complimentary dental kits and general oral health information.

Nuestro curso de conversación ofrece un espacio acogedor para que los inmigrantes se unan a nosotros todos los domingos y participen en charlas informales en Inglés.


Este entorno relajado ofrece la oportunidad de practicar Inglés, mejorar el vocabulario y fomentar la mejora del lenguaje.



This program is an initiative of the MWCP and the Mexican Consulate. This Saturday Campaign takes place at the Mexican Consulate and brings access to medical services, including dental health services, without the need for medical insurance, these services are completely free! Because the well-being of our migrant community matters to us!


Monthly assistance sessions with Vivian Whaley from Service Canada for migrant workers, offering support and guidance on various services. Open to all migrant workers, providing a welcoming environment for questions and assistance to ensure access to essential services. This campaign expedites pending procedures for migrants.



¡Viernes de cine para una escapada cinematográfica semanal!

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