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Noviembre - Diciembre 2023


Celebración de Navidad


MWCP | El Programa Comunitario para el Trabajador Migrante organizó un evento navideño que reunió a la comunidad migrante, creando un ambiente animado y acogedor lleno de música, rifas y diversidad cultural.


El evento subrayó la importancia de la solidaridad y la conexión comunitaria, dejando recuerdos preciados para todos los participantes.

Desfile de Navidad


In our Orientation Event, essential organizations joined forces with our team to serve as bridges, connecting valuable resources to those in need.


The primary objective of this gathering was to foster collaboration among diverse entities, including companies and community groups, in order to address the specific needs of local migrant workers effectively.


Understanding the unique challenges encountered by this population, our mission was to establish a cohesive platform that encouraged a supportive and knowledgeable atmosphere.

Recorrido luces navideñas en autobús


MWCP, in collaboration with WECHC, brought dental cleaning services to the farms in our area. This initiative aimed to address the oral health needs of farmworkers who often lack access to regular dental care due to their remote locations and schedules.

MWCPThe Migrant Worker Community Program was able to deploy a mobile dental unit equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to provide on-site cleanings and basic dental hygiene education. This effort not only promoted oral health but also demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of our local agricultural community.

Club de conversación en Inglés

Organized by the Mexican Consulate in collaboration with MWCP. Held once a month at the Mexican Consulate, these events bring together a range of vital medical services for the community.

Throughout the day, attendees have the opportunity to access essential healthcare services, including dental care, completely free of charge. With no set time frame, individuals can drop by at their convenience, ensuring accessibility for all members of the community.


The partnership between the Mexican Consulate and MWCP | Migrant Worker Community Program has been crucial in making the Ventanilla de Salud event possible. By working together, we can provide a diverse range of medical services to those in need.

As we continue this monthly series, we are committed to promoting health equity and improving access to healthcare for everyone in our community.

We extend our sincere thanks to all participants, volunteers, and organizers for their dedication to this important cause. Together, we're making a difference, one event at a time.

Nuestro curso de conversación ofrece un espacio acogedor para que los inmigrantes se unan a nosotros todos los domingos y participen en charlas informales en Inglés.


Este entorno relajado ofrece la oportunidad de practicar Inglés, mejorar el vocabulario y fomentar la mejora del lenguaje.



Monthly assistance sessions with Vivian Whaley from Service Canada for migrant workers, offering support and guidance on various services. Open to all migrant workers, providing a welcoming environment for questions and assistance to ensure access to essential services. This campaign expedites pending procedures for migrants.


¡Viernes de cine para una escapada cinematográfica semanal!

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