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Quienes Somos

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Migrant Worker Community Program is a non-profit organization that helps migrant workers to assimilate into the community during their stay in Canada. We help them navigate the Canadian system by providing various services such as mental health support, connecting them to health services, legal services,  insurance, translation and interpretation services, organizing recreational events among others to make sure that they feel welcomed and safe into the community.


Each year, approximately 6000 migrant workers are attracted to this area, a larger population than many small towns in Ontario.

Our program is effective and critical in creating opportunities for integration of this large community into the resident population. MWCP fosters inclusion and welcoming of migrant workers through social, cultural, and recreational events. We function as a bridge between the migrant worker population and the community, based on the understanding that there is a cultural and language barrier that presents challenges in day-to-day interactions.

Our Mission

Provide a positive balance to the life of the migrant worker by offering educational, social, cultural, recreational, and communication opportunities, and to build cultural bridges with their host communities in Kingsville, Leamington, and surrounding areas.

Our focus during COVID-19:


The focus of the program during COVID was to help to educate more migrant workers about how to decrease the likelihood of Covid-19 infection and what to do in the case of being infected.


The support and intervention of the MWCP will allow the workers to access proper health and safety information, preventing the spread of infection. We also provide support and information on how to access medical assistance in the event that the workers require it.


The MWCP is partnering with local healthcare providers to allow a more successful navigation of the healthcare system for all of the workers who may be reluctant to ask questions or are unable to due to the language barrier.

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