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At the Migrant Worker Community Program, we know you want to be part of your new community. To do that, you need access to the same services as anyone else: health care, dental, transportation. You need to be able to communicate. The problem is, there isn’t a single place where you can get all the information you need, leaving you isolated with feelings of frustration, even shame. 


We believe everyone deserves to be able to provide for their families. And we understand there’s a cultural shock when leaving your home and arriving in a strange country. That’s why we’ve been supporting migrant workers for more than 20 years, including providing them with more than 20,000 vaccinations during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

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Here’s how we do it. First, we connect with you and listen to your needs. Then we connect you with the many services available to you (English language classes, mental health support, health benefits). And we follow you every step of the way until you get what you deserve. 


So, ask us anything. And in the meantime, check out our newsletter, where we talk to workers just like you about how they got the help they needed with just a little guidance from us. It’s time to stop feeling hopeless and lost. We’re here to help you become a part of the community. 

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